The Insatiable Lust for Life with Steven North
Belief Systems, Manipulation & Fantasies
January 25, 2021
Steven North speaks with Janine Keall on topics such as belief systems, manipulation and fantasies around love when experience tough hardships. Sharing actual experiences of what is being seen & experienced.
Steven North speaks with Janine Keall and talk about Belief Systems, Manipulation & Fantasies and an experience of observing a person that has been filled with disinformation about beliefs, looking for a light in a dark place and how the spiritual community has filled their head with unrealistic and unhealthy beliefs.

Janine talks about obtaining truth from using all our senses rather than the mind, how we misinterpret information, how we don't listen with senses. 

Steven talks about how investing & fuelling belief structures and shatters the beliefs of twin flames and the unhealthy beliefs into the conquest for the ultimate label to define a relationship. The growing concerns of mental health in connection with the deep search to feel worthy of an ultimate relationship with an external aspect of self rather than the self.

What is revealed is that we do not need to seek and search for love externally, we do not need another aspect to complete us, it is with the realisation that self-love is more important as love has no boundaries.

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