The Insatiable Lust for Life with Steven North
The Beginning & Heart Activation Music
January 1, 2020
Steven North, founder of the Heart Activation Music, utilising light in sound and he talks about various songs that have been created and how they've been put together. We also explore the relationship between Spirit & Human as Steven North & Amy North.
Steven North talks about the Heart Activation Music, how he began building a business from the ground with limited resources and funding, we also explore song from the Heart Activation Music by Steven North. Steven shares experiences such as relationships with money, mindfulness, life, and music.

The songs heard in this episode are: 

@ 07:03 - The Boddhisatva Journey by Steven North
@ 17:10 - Keys to the Heart by Steven North
@ 21:55 - Raphael's Shrine of Healing by Steven North
@ 32:21 - Love for Kalyani
@ 40:55 - Amy's Bells of Furiore
@ 49:39 - Dance of Love
@ 59:24 - Red Tara's Earth