The Insatiable Lust for Life with Steven North
Rebirthing, Emotions & Brisbane MBS Festival
April 1, 2020
Steven North presents the experience of presenting at the Mind Body Spirit Festival and the explorations that surfaced during the time spent in Brisbane & exploring more music.
Steven North presented at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and shared the Heart Activation Music on the main stage and a live sound healing session. This session talks about the experiences that surfaced during the time and the beautiful music created by Steven North.

A lot of the music is unreleased by Steven North and these are the exclusive previews.

The songs used in this episode are:
@ 2:11 - Untitled Beginnings
@ 8:20 - Not Titled
@ 15:07 - Burning Hearts
@ 22:54 - Amy's Passion for Life
@ 39:24 - Oh Baby 
@ 51:15 - Suhka